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Anti Climb

Our range of security posts are a proven deterrent against vehicle theft and ram attack, and are ideal for restricted-access control.

The applications are endless, with the latest push-button lock technology integrated with simple
engineering to provide a cost-effective yet easy-to-use solution.

The Ro-spike is specifically designed for use on buildings, walls, fencing and gates, to increase levels of security against intrusion, theft, damage, and acts of vandalism. Examples include commercial and industrial sites, vehicle parking areas, schools, sports and leisure centre’s etc.

The freely rotating anti-scaling barrier is manufactured from high tensile alloy tube, which provides a freely rotating anti-scaling barrier. We also supply warning signs and various brackets to suit almost all applications.

Drainpipes and soil stacks present easy access to intruders to climb and gain entry, a semi-circle of the ‘Rotating Ro-spike System’, offers effective protection.

Static spikes are also available, which provide a simple, yet effective anti-climb barrier to the tops of walls, fences etc.


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