Ro-door 540

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Ro-door 540

The Ro-door 540 is very similar to the Ro-door 500, except the laths are insulated and more lightweight

The Ro-door 540 offers effective heat and sound insulation, and is a very
economical solution where security is not so paramount.

Curtain Design Options
Only solid laths are available in several dimensions and colours.
Other colours are available upon request and large quantities.

AI40 - 40mm x 8mm thick
Available in White/Cream/Brown

AI55 - 55mm x 11mm thick
Available in White/Cream/Brown

AI77 – 77mm x 16mm thick
Available in White, Brown, Burgundy, Light Beige, Fur Green, Navy Blue, Black, Anthracite, Light Grey, Silver Metallic. Also available in the following woodgrain finishes: Golden Oak,Mahogany, Rosewood.

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