Why Contractors Should Consider Security First

Break-ins and other physical security breaches can be damaging to both the project and the contracting company’s reputation.

Delivering a project that is true to the client’s vision is arguably one of the most important parts of any contractor’s job but it’s important not to sacrifice the functionality of a building in the process. Find out why you should never let security become an afterthought.

When security systems are planned in the early stages of a project, they can be fully integrated into the site. This helps to mitigates any compromises or budget adjustments that come with last minute security plans. It also allows us to make adjustments for the project’s individual requirements. For example, when Rotec worked on HOME, Manchester, we had to consider the building’s sensitive acoustic rating and ensure all installations were sound compliant.

These kinds of adjustments take careful planning and can often result in the need for custom fabrications which can significantly increase the lead time on instalments. Ignoring these special requirements for the sake of speed will always result in an inferior experience for the end-user. By considering security at the start of a project, modifications and fabrications can be developed much earlier on in order to meet deadlines.

It’s important to consider security as early as possible in the design process too. That way you can be sure your security is in-keeping with the client’s project vision. We can fully customise our security solutions to suit the look and feel of any project but, again, this may have an impact on completion dates so it’s important to plan ahead. If security becomes an afterthought, the installation process may have to be completed hastily and this can impact the overall aesthetic of your project.

Make sure your next project is a secure as possible without compromising on aesthetics, budgets, or deadlines. Contact Rotec Security Solutions and tell us about your next project for a fully integrated security experience.


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