Fire Doors 101

Fire doors are a legal requirement in almost all buildings in the UK.

This is especially true of non-domestic buildings (such as commercial premises and warehouses) which are required by law to have fire doors installed. Whether you’re a business owner, contractor, or construction manager, it’s worth understanding the very basics of fire doors to make sure all buildings are fully fire safety compliant.

What is a Fire Door?

When most people think of fire doors what they are actually picturing are fire exits which is an external, fire resistant door designed to provide safe and fast building evacuation. A fire door is an internal door designed to create an escape route through a building in the event of a fire by stopping flames and smoke spreading from one section of the building to another. In order for a door to qualify as a fire door, it must be comprised of several different fire safety compliant components. These include doorframes, door leaves, panels, hardware, seals, and glazing.

Most standard fire doors are certified to hold back fires for anything from 30 – 120 minutes however the Rotec Firedefend range includes doorsets that are certified for up to six hours’ fire protection!

Where Are Fire Doors Required?

Each building has its own set of fire safety requirements. These will be influenced by the building’s design, construction, and use. For example, a school will have a very different set of fire door requirements than an industrial building such as a factory or warehouse. We here at Rotec Security Solutions work with contractors and architects to offer a specialised consultation service that takes into account the variables that influence a building’s fire safety compliance. From here we offer fully informed fire door recommendations for each individual area of the building.

Ensuring Your Building is Fire Safety Compliant

Fire safety compliance is one of the most important factors contractors need to consider throughout a project. As a contractor it is imperative that you are sure that building components commissioned by third parties are fire safety compliant. Rotec Security Solutions prides itself on being a trusted partner for designers, contractors, and architects alike, providing fire doors that are fully compliant with the regulations of the British Standard Fire Test BS 476.

Whether you’re a contractor working on a large-scale project or a business owner evaluating their buildings fire safety compliance, take advantage of a Rotec Security Solutions consultation. Get in touch today!


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