What is Rotec Access Maintenance ‘RAM’?

Rotec Access Maintenance (RAM) provide a dedicated aftercare service for both steel and roller shutter doors.

Part of the Rotec Group, RAM provide ongoing customer conduct remedial works, maintenance servicing and repairs. Our product expertise and knowledge of current legislation enable us to close out any issues promptly and effectively, ensuring peace of mind that doors are safe and fit for purpose.

Combining the service and expertise from both arms of the business enables us to provide a complete service package to our customers, from design, supply and install (Rotec Security) right the way through to repairs and maintenance (Rotec Access Maintenance).

In summary, our RAM team provides:

  • Product risk assessment
  • Post-installation maintenance
  • Comprehensive repairs service
  • Product compliance checks
  • Technical advice and support

In instances where a replacement unit cannot be avoided, we will offer a product from Rotec Security’s extensive product category. Each refit undergoes a thorough health and safety compliance check, utilising the skills and resources of the Rotec Security installation team. Risk assessment and legislation compliancy are second nature to our engineers, so you can rest assured your refitted system will meet the same industry standards as a brand-new install.

Why is door maintenance important?

Security compliance doesn’t end at installation. It’s an ongoing process, one that requires detailed knowledge of the latest guidelines and practices. Government mandated requirements vary from product to product, meaning there is no set compliance specification for any steel door product. This is where RAM add real value, having the technical expertise required to guarantee legislation compliance.

How does RAM add value?

  • Save both cost and time by reducing the need for refits or replacements
  • Mitigate potential accidents and safety breaches
  • Minimise the risk of company liability
  • Prolonged security and product longevity

For more information about RAM’s services, or to make an enquiry, please contact our RAM team using the form below


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