Project Win: York Community Football Stadium

We are excited to announce that we have been commissioned by construction company, Buckingham Group, to install £90,000’s worth of fire-rated security systems within York Community Football Stadium.

The brand-new stadium is currently under construction and is scheduled for completion mid-2019. It will seat over 8,000 people, and house both a leisure complex and community hub.

As we mentioned in our recent Fire Doors 101 blog post, “a fire door is an internal door designed to create an escape route through a building in the event of a fire by stopping flames and smoke spreading from one section of the building to another”. With York Community Football Stadium set to experience such colossal footfall, security and containment are paramount to ensure safe and efficient evacuation of 8,000+ people in the event of a fire.

As a result of this, Rotec Security Solutions have been tasked with installing 52 steel doors across stadium exits and access to commercial and leisure buildings. This will be supplemented by 15 roller shutters across the stadium’s concessions stalls, food and beverage stalls, groundsmen’s garage, and workmen’s workshop. Finally additional fire-rated security systems will be installed in the main bar and directors bar.

We are working closely with Buckingham Group, attending the site on multiple occasions, to ensure that the large-scale installation aligns with the overall look and feel of the stadium. Rotec Security Solutions is actually assisting with the design of the project to guarantee that each individual security system works perfectly in terms of both function and aesthetic no matter where it is located in the stadium.

Are you looking for security and/or fire-rated doors for your next construction project? We believe the best solutions are those that are bespoke to individual needs. Contact us for a fully tailored approach to security for your next project.


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