We Ran an Inspirational Quote Competition!

We believe the best inspiration comes from within, so we challenged our staff to inspire each other by sharing their favourite inspirational quotes.

Making use of the Rotec offices’ giant chalk boards, the entire Rotec team participated in the competition, submitting a variety of quotes. Some were profound, some were silly, all shared awesomely inspirational messages designed to boost staff morale. Some of our favourites included…

• “Some of the hardest journeys lead to the best destinations.”
• “The bigger the challenge, the greater the reward.”
• “Life is short, smile while you still have teeth.”
• “Don’t let people treat you like a yellow Starburst, you are a pink Starburst.”

Our all-time favourite and winner of the competition was submitted by Junior Project Design Manager, Jay Marshall who started at Rotec in October 2017.

“If an opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door!”


We love a can-do attitude here at Rotec and were delighted to reward Jay with an afternoon off which he spent taking his mum out for a lovely lunch. Nice one, Jay!


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